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Algebra Help dot Com

April 5, 2009

I am always looking for sites where students can help themselves. In this modern age, we need students to realize the internet is a source for information and not just video games and music. I brought my students to the computer lab to search for sites that would help them on the Algebra problems I had assigned. They came across, a site with a bunch of helpful resources. Our favorite item was the equation calculator. With the equation calculator a student can type in an equation with a variable and receive step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problem. Since I require my students to show their work, this is a great resource for them to check their work at home.


Hooda Math

March 22, 2009


Lets start with my website Hooda Math. I started this website back in August of 2008. I was getting ready for the year to begin, I had not found my job yet, and had no idea of my future. I figured I couldn’t plan so I would learn how to make math games in flash. I wasn’t that creative but knew we needed a free online version of Number Munchers the classic game that helped me memorize all of my math facts. I continued to make other games.

My wife had learned how to web design years ago at her old job, so she volunteered to design and maintain the site.

So, I had to add more content. I figured what do kids need for free online. I came up with short video math tutorials. I just started writing these recently after I ordered a electronic tablet. These have a ways to go, so please send me what you would like to be included.

In the games page, I began to add Hooda Math approved games, because kids are kids and they want to play fun fun games. So I wanted to make sure they were atleast playing games that I believe to use math thinking skills. To prove their relevance I have began to publish the worksheets I make my class fill-out when playing these games: Coffee Shop and Bloxorz, so far.

It also has a math links page and a contact form. I originally had a forum page, but now it will be changed to a blog link back to this blog.

please enjoy and tell your friends about Hooda Math.