Fraction Games

Sometimes we search for different games out there to help us with specific Mathematics topics. I want to show you some of the different Fraction Games we have at Hooda Math and also suggest one game that can be played in the classroom from NCTM.

One of the first Flash Games for Hooda Math was Fraction Poker.

Fraction Poker

Fraction Poker

Fraction Poker is an excellent Fraction Game to work on your equivalent fractions. Basically you press deal, and look at the five “cards”. Figure out which ones are equivalent fractions and click on them. Then press draw, and finish clicking on the equivalent fractions. Sometimes you might have two sets of equivalent fractions, in the case of two pairs or full house. This fraction game is to mix the fun of video poker games and learning to recognize your equivalent fractions.

Another Fraction Game on Hooda Math that works on slightly easier fractions than Fraction Poker is our game Fraction Eaters.

Fraction Eaters

Fraction Eaters

Fraction Eaters is a simple game and reminds the older crowd of number munchers. The controls are the arrow keys and if you think a fraction is equivalent to the fraction in the upper right side, then you click space bar. After all the equivalent fractions have been eaten, you will advance to the next level. If you think you ate them all and you haven’t advanced, look again. Remember it isn’t easy as you think, you have to do this while avoiding a very scary purple monster.


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