Multiplication Word Problems – Strategy: Using Tables

Lesson Plan for Multiplication Word Problems – Strategy: Using Tables

A. Class Discussion with Overhead Projector. – Do Problem 1 together.

  1. Draw 5 circles and the 7 dots inside. -Students are to Count up dots.
  2. Write out addition equation. 7+7+7+7+7 = 5
  3. Draw a table with labels: “Bags of Rice” on left, and “Dollars” on right.
  4. Multiplication Equation. 5 * 7 = 35
  5. Sentence: Five groups of seven.

B. Students work on problem 2 at their tables – Must do all 5 parts similar to problem 1.

C. Students are to write their own multiplication word problem.

  1. They may use the little square to draw in to help with creativity.
  2. Write word problem.
  3. Two Rules:
  • It must end in a question.
  • It must be solvable using a table.

D. When finished trade with friend, who must use a table to solve.

click to download the worksheet:



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