Multiplication Word Problems – Strategy: Drawing

Here is the first worksheet I made to teach students the Drawing strategy.

I did the first problem on the overhead with the students.

A. 1. I started with what do you draw first? the nests. then what do you draw second? the eggs in the nests.

2. Then we counted the eggs to get the answer. 21 eggs

3. Then I asked how could we use addition to solve this problem? 3+3+3+3+3+3+3 = 21

4. Then I finally asked for multiplication? 7 x 3 = 21

5. How would you write that in a sentence using the word “groups”? Seven groups of three.

B. 1. I had then work on the second problem on their own doing the exact same thing we did on the first problem, drawing, counting, adding, multiplication, explain in words.

2. Walked around and checked.

3. Went over on overhead with class, quickly.

C. 1. Students directed to draw their own multiplication word problems, must have “groups”.

2. Then followed by the written word problem.

3. I also put two rules on the board

Rule 1: It must end in a question.

Rule 2: It must be able to be solved using Multiplication.

D. Students begin to work, some ask to write out the problem first, that is fine. When students finish have them exchange problems.

E. Have students share their problem on the overhead with the class.

click to download the worksheet:



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